A Note from Bobby About His New Album, “Sitting On Top of The Blues”:

Here is my new album Sitting On Top Of The Blues. Recording this album has been the greatest challenge of my entire career, being the first album after Porcupine Meat, which won a Grammy in 2017. It puts you in competition with yourself, trying to be as good, if not better than before, but I think we did it.

I always try to surround myself with great producers like Scott Billington, who produced Porcupine Meat, and Vasti Jackson, who arranged most of the songs and played guitar on the last album. Vasti and Scott both played a big part in the recording of this new album. Vasti produced most of the recordings on this album with me. Scott produced a few of the songs and was a huge help in choosing the right tracks to use, along with his wife Johnette Downing, and for that I am so grateful. My good friend Guitar Boy also helped me produce this new album. I had three of the best producers in the world help me make this. You can hear a little something different in each track, thanks to them.

There are 11 songs total on Sitting On Top Of The Blues. The first track is about myself at a young age falling in love with a young girl, but her Dad won’t let his daughter date a bluesman. Her Dad believes a bluesman is not good enough for his daughter and told me to get lost. However, not even her Dad threatening me with their dog, stopped me from going after his daughter. There are so many great songs like this one on this album – ranging from funny, to serious, and happy good-time songs.

A huge thanks to my manager, Jeff DeLia, for all the hard work he has done and continues to do to make everything happen. Thank you to my label, Deep Rush Records, and all the DJs across the country who give me so much love. Thanks to my distributors in Nashville, Thirty Tigers, who have taken care of me in the past and will do the same for this recording.

Thank you to all of my fans and friends all over the world, promoters, clubs, festivals, radio stations, TV stations, and journalists helping spread the word.